About Garrison Security

Garrison Security

We provide a complete set of tailored security services, focused on matching your requirements. Because we are customer driven, we are continually improving what we do by bringing the best of global and local innovation and improvements into our organisations approach. Its not about the technology, methods, processes, people or equipment that we use, but the way in which we integrate these that makes us truly unique. We have set the standard in the security industry so high, that others can only follow.

Mission Statement

  • To provide world class, tailored, security services to a broad range of customers in a broad range of locations
  • Ensuring a client centric approach which provides a value for money quality service in accordance with their specific requirements
  • Ensuring that we remain leaders in our chosen field, both in technological innovation and best practice methods
  • Uplifting the communities in which we work through social involvement and recruitment


Entrepreneurship, a customer centric approach, leadership and innovative value adding solutions are our key focus drivers. We achieve this through our corporate values : honesty, integrity, tolerance, truth and justice. We are focused on the communities in which we operate and on personal growth, while delivering value and excellence of service to our customers.